DIY Rhinestone Lip- How to bejewel your lips at home

The rhinestone lip trend seems to be on fire lately and if you’re thinking of jumping onto the bandwagon then we’re going to make your life a lot easier. With this quick and easy tutorial you can get rhinestone lips at home in no time. Bejeweled lips are a great idea for photo shoots, costume parties or events where you want a super dramatic look.


What you need:


  • Rhinestones (You can use flatback rhinestones or nail rhinestones, depending on what you can purchase cheaper and more easily).

  • Eye lash glue

  • Lipstick and lip primer (Choose a lip product shade that matches the color of the rhinestones you plan on applying)

  • Tweezers


What to do:


Ensure that your lips are clean and exfoliated and then prime them. Then apply lipstick in a shade that resembles the color of the rhinestones you will be using. If you don’t have the exact shade, mix and match colors until you get the desired look. To add sparkle to the look apply some lip gloss or glitter to your lips.


Place your rhinestones on a flat surface and squeeze out some glue on a clean sheet of paper. Using the tweezers dip a rhinestone into the glue and place it onto your lip. You can apply a little pressure using a damp cotton bud to stick the stone properly. Start from the edges of your lips and work your way inwards. Alternatively you can dot the glue directly from the tube onto your lips. Allow each dot to dry for thirty seconds before you use tweezers to stick a rhinestone onto it. You can’t move rhinestones once the glue is fully dry so if you make a mistake correct it immediately- they can be pushed around a little while the glue is drying but once it is glue the stones can’t be moved too much.


If you’re feeling creative you can even create a rhinestone design (such as a heart shape) instead of covering the entire lip.


Once you have covered your lips allow the glue to dry for a few minutes and then you can go about your day looking like you just walked off a runway.

Rhinestone DIY: How to make rhinestone earrings at home

Sometimes you find a pair of earrings that is to die for but are way out of your budget. Or you can just be struck by inspiration and want to create a design that is just amazing and you can’t find it anywhere else. You can make your own rhinestone earrings at home and save yourself a ton of money while creating a pair that is gorgeous and unique.


Choosing a design


It’s always a good idea to settle on a design before purchasing your rhinestones because that way you know what sizes, styles and colors to purchase. But if you’re someone who loves buying rhinestones (as much as we do) then you can utilize any rhinestones that you’ve got lying around at home. Head to Pinterest for inspiration if you aren’t feeling inspired already, or simply look online for an earring rhinestone that catches your attention.


Purchasing rhinestones


For earrings you should ideally use flatback rhinestones, but if you find sew on rhinestones in a shape that you just love, then you can incorporate them into your design too. You can buy absolutely any shape, size and color of stone imaginable online or from a local craft store. Buying rhinestones in bulk is always more cost effective, especially if you are likely to make jewelry at home often.


Making the earrings


Once you have your rhinestones, earring posts, jewelry glue and design in place, it is now time to start making the earrings. You will also need a small knife, a pair of tweezers and mini scissors to be able to work with rhinestones more easily.


Assemble the rhinestones on a sheet of paper on top of a flat surface, such as a tray using tweezers to ensure that your design looks just the way you want it to. On another side of the paper squeeze out some glue. Dip each individual stone into the pool of glue so that you have got glue on the sides of the rhinestone. Then use your tweezers to set the stones into place, ensuring that they are properly stuck to each other. Allow the glue to dry for about an hour and then flip the stones over and fill any gaps with glue. The next step is to squeeze out some more glue and create a tiny pool a little larger than the size of your earring. Place the glued stones onto the freshly squeezed glue and leave it to dry again. Finally apply glue to the back of the earrings where you want the earring post to go and then place your earring posts onto the glue.


Now that your earrings are ready allow them to dry overnight. The next day remove the excess glue from the sides using a pair of mini scissors and you will be ready to wear your brand new rhinestone earrings.




How to give yourself a rhinestone manicure

We’ve all seen gorgeous nail art on Pinterest that makes your heart skip a beat. Now you can give yourself a spectacular manicure right at home. You don’t even need to rely on cheap nail art sheets with flimsy designs- you can save money by creating a rhinestone pattern for your nails yourself. Not only is this super fun but also a great way to unleash your creativity and have some ‘me’ time. Plus they last way longer than stick-ons so you don’t need to re-do it all the time.


Here’s all you need to get started:

  • Flatback Rhinestones (Obviously! The sizes you want to buy depends on the design you want to create. As a general rule, the smaller a stone is the less likely it is to come off, but sometimes your design requires bigger stones. Buying in bulk saves you money so if you have a feeling you will be giving yourself rhinestone manicures often then buy rhinestones in bulk)

  • Nail glue (This is optional but in our experience manicures just last longer if you’re using nail glue. Look for a fast drying glue to avoid having to wait)

  • Base and top coat

  • Orange stick (You can use nail art tweezers instead to apply the rhinestones)


Apply the base coat to your nails and once it is dry begin applying the flatback rhinestones using nail glue. Alternatively you could set the rhinestones in the top coat directly when it’s semi dry and allow it to dry, thus setting the stones firmly onto your nail. If you’re doing this for the first time, use nail glue because it is so much easier than ensuring that the top coat is semi-dry and avoiding smudging when you set the stones. The third option is to use gel polish- apply two coats of gel polish onto your nails and then start setting the stones onto the polish.


You can apply the rhinestones using an orange stick or nail art tweezers. Put a tiny dot of glue onto the nail and hold the stone in place using the stick until the glue dries. Once you are happy with the design apply top coat over the nail. You now have a beautiful and unique manicure that will hopefully last a long time and put a huge smile on your face.  


Dazzle up Fourth of July with Wholesale Rhinestones

Independence Day is just a few weeks away and while everyone else is getting prepped up for a fun day, why should you be left behind? Looking for creative ways to make your celebrations even more fun? We’ve got you covered. You can use red, blue and white rhinestone crystals to bedazzle any outfit you plan on wearing. Whether you’re heading to a parade or going to watch the fireworks, you can wear your rhinestone clothes everywhere you go and make an impact. 


Matching jeweled tees for the family


Nothing looks cuter on the Fourth of July than a family with coordinated clothes. Instead of going through the hassle of finding matching outfits that everyone likes, you can simply DIY them at home. This is a great activity especially if you have kids who love playing around with crafts. All you need to do is purchase your rhinestones in bulk (make sure you buy enough for everyone’s clothes). You can use t-shirts, shorts and even plain dresses you have lying at home, or go all out and buy new garments to decorate. There are dozens of designs you can create on your Independence Day T-Shirts- the flag of the USA, a bald eagle or just a simple word such as the USA. 


Rhinestone swimwear for a hot day in the pool


The hot weather on Independence Day means it’s a brilliant day to jump into the pool. Pool parties are a loved way to celebrate and doing so in Fourth of July themed swimwear makes the celebration even more fun. Choose a neutral solid color bikini, such as white or gray and apply red, blue and white rhinestones to it. Or pick a bikini that is either blue or red (or both) and add your rhinestones. 


You can take things up a notch and add Fourth of July themed floats to your pool too. Not only is this great for pictures but your swimwear is going to look fabulous with a matching backdrop.


Sparkly decor for Fourth of July parties


If you’re hosting a Fourth of July party and want to take things up a notch, then you need to get your hands on some rhinestone decor. You can either purchase rhinestoned items or simply buy rhinestones in bulk and make your own funky decor pieces. 


Jeweled firecrackers are the easiest way to add a pop of color to your party. All you need are red, blue and clear crystals, craft glue and a pair of tweezers. Lay the rhinestones out on a tray, separated by color. If you’re going for an intricate design, then you may want to sketch it out using a pen first. Then apply glue to the back of your flatback rhinestones and use the tweezers to place each rhinestone carefully onto the firecracker. 

Another easy and fun thing to do is to turn ordinary mason jars into Independence themed rhinestone jars. Fill them up with red, white and blue candy for extra effect. 



How to buy a heat press machine

If you’re planning on starting your own rhinestone business, you’re probably considering buying a heat press machine. And you should! No iron can transfer heat as effectively as a heat press machine. But since it is a big investment, don’t purchase the machine in haste. Be sure to do your research, decide what your requirements are and then buy a heat press that meets them.


Types of heat press machines


There are three main types of heat press machines: Clamshell, Swing Away and Draw Heat Press.


A clamshell press has a lid that goes up at an angle so you can place your object inside it and then close the lid- exactly like a sea shell would open. As a beginner this is one of your best bets because it’s not too large, is easy to operate and doesn’t take up too much space. The downside though is that you can’t use it for thicker fabrics, so if you’re going to sell anything other than t-shirts then this won’t work for you as effectively.  


Swing Away presses have a stationary lower platen and an upper platen that moves either to the right or the left, allowing you to place your item on the lower platen. This leads to better results as it provides more precision and heat is distributed evenly across the garment. It is slightly harder to use than a clamshell though, so if you’re going to buy your first heat press then preferably avoid a Swing Away press.


The lower platen on a Draw Heat Press draws out fully so you can place the fabric onto the platen properly. While it is more user-friendly compared to a Swing Away, it isn’t as good at distributing heat evenly across the garment and can’t be used for thicker fabrics such as hoodies and sweatshirts.


What heat press machine should I buy?


The type of heat press machine you purchase depends on your level of comfort with a heat press, your business requirements and whether you want something professional or something smaller that is easier to move around. While we would definitely recommend a Draw Heat Press for a rhinestone startup, it is at the end of the day dependent upon what your needs as a businessperson are.


It is important however that you invest in a well-known brand, such as Hotronix, Hixx, Panther and AIT (there are many other great brands too). While you will save money by choosing a cheaper machine, a renowned brand means better quality and a press that will last longer, work more efficiently and bring better results. To some extent this does depend on your budget, so a good idea is to purchase a renowned heat press that isn’t too pricey (keep in mind that some prices go as high as $2000 but for a new business that often isn’t feasible).


The bottom line is, do your research and try to get a demo before you make your purchase. Make sure that the company you purchase from has reliable customer by checking their policies and customer reviews.

How to choose the right rhinestones for your project

Rhinestones look great on all sorts of materials and items, so when you’re starting a new DIY project, you may not be sure where to begin. The first step is to decide what task you will be working on and buying rhinestones to use on the specific product we will be bedazzling. In this post, we’re going to provide you a complete guide on the various types of rhinestones, when to use them and how to apply them.


Hotfix rhinestones


Hotfix rhinestones are crystals with a multi-faceted side and another grey flat side with glue pre-applied to it. You may not see the glue since it is clear so it’s important to read the description before you purchase hotfix rhinestones.


Hotfix rhinestone can be used on a variety of fabrics, such as cotton and denim. They’re applied to the garment using heat from an iron or a heat press machine. Because of the specific application method, you can’t use them to decorate items such as shoes or leather pants etc.


Flatback rhinestones


Flatback rhinestones are similar in appearance to hotfix rhinestones, but their application method differs. They can be adhered to a variety of materials using craft glue (such as E6000 or Gem Tac). You can use flatback rhinestones on fabric, plastics, metals and shoes.


Stick-on rhinestones


Stick-on rhinestones are self-adhesive stones that usually come attached to a clear plastic sheet. To apply them you simply need to remove them from the sheet using the sharp end of a knife and place them wherever you want. Stick-on rhinestones work best on paper and chart paper, so they’re going for craft projects. They can also be applied to plastic and metal items, but if you’re looking for something that will last longer, then flatback rhinestones and craft glue are a safer bet.


Nail head rhinestones


For jewelry, leather, and thick fabric, a good option is nail head rhinestones. The flat side of these rhinestones has several points- once you place your rhinestone where you want to fix it, you can turn the points over to ensure it stays in place.

How to wash and care for rhinestone clothing

We have all seen someone wear a gorgeous rhinestone outfit with a stone or two missing- and that missing rhinestone just makes the entire piece look old and worn out. You’ve probably also seen clothes with dull rhinestones and wondered why people buy poor quality rhinestone outfits. Well, the truth is, no matter how high quality the materials used on a rhinestone piece are, if you don’t care for your outfits properly, the rhinestone will eventually come off and lose shine. Here is everything you need to know about washing, ironing and looking after your favorite bedazzled outfit.


How to wash rhinestone pieces


Even if your clothes are made of cotton or other fabrics that you throw into the washing machine without any precautions, if they’ve got rhinestones on them you have to think twice before you do so. You should ALWAYS hand wash clothes with rhinestones on them, even if the fabric itself is one that you would otherwise machine wash. Rhinestone are delicate, and even one cycle in the machine will often be too much for the stones. Use warm water (not hot or cold) and a very small amount of mild detergent to wash the clothes turned inside out. If you must soak your fabric to get out a tricky stain, do so only for five minutes. Try to soak the clothes in a small container so you only immerse the part with the stain in water and the rhinestones remain dry.


How to dry clothes with rhinestones


If you must tumble dry your outfit, do so on the low setting. It is recommended however that you lay your rhinestone clothes on a flat surface and allow them to air dry. Because heat may melt the glue on rhinestone transfers, avoid placing your bejeweled clothes directly under the sun or in a place that is too hot.


How to iron clothes with rhinestones


The simple answer to this is, don’t iron outfits with rhinestone transfers already applied to them. The heat from an iron is likely to damage the stones, melt the glue and move the stones around. Don’t wring the clothes after you wash them so you won’t need to iron them afterward. If you must iron the fabric, be sure to turn it inside out and iron around the rhinestone transfer, carefully avoiding the stones. Alternatively, place a piece of cloth over the garment and then iron it, so the rhinestones don’t come in contact with the heat.


How to spot clean rhinestone outfits


If you have a particularly stubborn stain, a good idea is to spot clean first and then wash the entire outfit. Use a mild cleaner on the spot but be sure to keep it away from the rhinestones- when exposed to chemicals stones become dull and lose shine. Don’t use bleach on garments with rhinestones on them either since it causes the rhinestones to become discolored.

Become financially independent- start your own rhinestone t-shirt business today

No matter who you are, financial independence is important for all adults today. It allows you to deal with life on your own terms, make a career in something you love and gives you a sense of direction. A great way to do this from the comfort of your home is by starting your own rhinestone t-shirt business. There are several reasons why you should consider a rhinestone t-shirt business and today we’re going to discuss some of the best reasons


Get creative and make money


There are lots of ways one can make money from home, but there’s a huge reason why rhinestone tees are our favorite. You can channel all your creativity into your business and make huge profits. Getting creative keeps you happy and allows you to remain peaceful. And no, you don’t need to be an artist to be able to design rhinestone outfits. All you need to do is get a pencil and paper and start doodling. You can then move to a simple program on your computer to print out the designs you envisioned.


If you have a good sense of humor, you can replace generic designs with funny quotes. Not only will customers love getting their hands on a unique worded t-shirt, but you will also have fun thinking of all the different sayings and puns you can turn into rhinestone designs.


Getting your hands on materials is simple and cheap


Because everything you need to make a rhinestone t-shirts is so cheap and easily accessible, your initial investment is minimal. Most businesses require high initial inputs, but you can start a rhinestone t-shirt business with as little as a hundred dollars. Transfer paper at Wholesale Rhinestones comes for prices as low as $5, and if you’re buying in bulk, you’re bound to find prices that are even lower.


Contrary to popular belief, rhinestones are pretty inexpensive, especially if you buy wholesale. Prices for rhinestones for sale at Wholesale Rhinestones start at $0.18 per piece. You can also buy plain cotton t-shirts in bulk- start off with neutral colors and add brighter shades once you start getting regular orders.


A heat press machine is another essential that you will need to purchase, but we recommend doing so once your business picks up. For the initial few orders, simply use a regular iron to transfer hotfix rhinestones onto cotton tees. Once you have earned a couple of hundred dollars and are receiving multiple orders at a time, you should buy a heat press machine to help you save time and ensure that all your rhinestone t-shirts are perfect.

Already excited about starting your new rhinestone clothing business? We’re excited for you too. Hope you found this post useful. Next up we’ll be doing a ‘how-to’ on how to prep for and get started with a new rhinestone business. From sites that have rhinestones for sale to making your first sales, we’ll cover it all so stay tuned.

DIY Rhinestone Shoes- How to apply rhinestones to shoes

There can never be too much glitter in a woman’s life- or their closet. An easy way to make things a lot more fun this summer is to work on DIY rhinestone projects. Locating rhinestones for sale is simple, and you can turn an old pair of shoes into a bedazzled new one in no time.


Rhinestone flip flops


Our easiest rhinestone DIY is flip flops- everyone loves wearing flip flops, they’re cheap, so everyone has a couple lying around and within ten minutes you can completely change the way the flip flops look. Here’s what you need:

Flat back rhinestones

Rhinestone glue (There are tons of varieties available, and most work just the same)


An old (or new) pair of flip flops


Since flip flops often only have a thin Y-shaped strap, the surface you’re going to be covering isn’t too large. If you’re doing this with kids (and they will be doing most of the work), a good idea is to cover the entire strap in rhinestones. Use your tweezers to hold a rhinestone and put glue to the flat back and using the tweezers stick the rhinestone on to the strap.


If you’re feeling fancy, draw a design onto the strap using a pen. Use this as a template to then apply rhinestones to the strap.


Rhinestone sneakers


You probably love sneakers because they’re comfortable, low-maintenance and last almost forever. So grab a pair of dull converse you aren’t a huge fan of and cover up the white part on the front with gorgeous rhinestones. Whether you’re going to create a rhinestone pattern or cover the entire white area with rhinestones is a personal preference. If you’re starting out, it's just easier to do the latter because there’s no room for mistakes.


For a funky pattern, mix up rhinestone colors and sizes randomly. Pick three rhinestone shades that go well with each other and order a different size in each shade. You can either be systematic about where you place each rhinestone, or just glue them on randomly (which I find works just as well).

Rhinestone Heels


The inspiration for this DIY comes from a beloved Christian Louboutin pair of heels that is immensely gorgeous but very expensive too. You can recreate this look at home in a fraction of the price and still look as glamorous. All you need is:


A pair of pumps

Flatback Rhinestones (the amount you need will depend on whether you’re covering just the heel or the entire shoe and what size rhinestones you opt for)


A piece of cloth (preferably fabric)

Rhinestone adhesive (e6000 is an industrial strength glue that works great on shoes)


Place your rhinestones on a flat tray for easy access and after wiping the shoe, pick one rhinestone crystal up using tweezers. Apply adhesive to the plain flat surface of the rhinestone, or the exact position on the shoe where you want the rhinestone to be placed. Start from the bottom of the shoe and work your way up, carefully using the back end of the tweezers to reposition rhinestones before the glue dries up.


Bling up your home with rhinestone home decor

No one likes a dull and boring home but buying a new piece of furniture or decorative item can be pretty expensive. If you’ve got a home full of stuff you like but are bored with now (and this happens to all of us), then you need to make things funkier and brand new by simply rhinestoning them. There are hundreds of different ways to can make home decor much more interesting with rhinestones, and today we’re going to discuss some of our favorite rhinestone DIYs for home decor.   


Rhinestone jars and bottles


Jars and bottles we have at home are often pretty standard, simple and boring. Who wants to look at a plain glass bottle when instead you can make things a lot fancier by adding rhinestones to the glass. You can do this to mason jars, oil and vinegar bottles, small flower vases and glass candle holders (and much much more). Here’s what you need to make glass bottles much prettier:


An A4 paper

A pencil


Rhinestone glue


And the glass item you will be bejewelling


Take a pencil and paper and draw the design you want to rhinestone onto your bottle or jar. If you’re starting out, this can be super simple. Cut out the design and stick it to the inside of the bottle using masking tape. Then take your rhinestones and apply glue to the flat surface and using tweezers stick the rhinestones onto glass. Be sure to apply glue and then immediately stick the rhinestone to glass to ensure that it will adhere effectively. When you’re done creating the entire design with rhinestones, remove the paper and give yourself a high-five for a job well done.


If you’re feeling adventurous, simply cover the entire glass with rhinestones to create a look full of bling. You can also decorate wine glasses, picture frames, lamps and much more.


Rhinestone-edged coasters


This DIY received so much appreciation from everyone that I decided to put it in a category of it’s own. Take plastic or metallic coasters and simply line the edges with rhinestones. Again you’re going to need glue, rhinestones, tweezers and the coaster you will be decorating. An easy way to do this is to apply rhinestones lining the edges of the coaster. If you’re feeling experimental, take a marker and draw a design onto the coasters and then apply rhinestones using your design as a template. Just be sure to keep your design as close to the edges as possible, to allow guests to place their glasses and cups on the coaster with ease. Buy rhinestones in bulk if you’re planning on doing this to several coasters.


DIY Rhinestone jewelry tray


Take an old plate, dish or even an old tray and turn it into a brand-new rhinestone jewelry tray. All you need for this is a tray you don’t use, rhinestones, glue, and tweezer. Order in bulk the rhinestones of your choice and using tweezers and glue, stick them onto the tray. Cover the entire upper surface or create a pattern with rhinestones. When you’re done, allow the glue to dry and then start using your tray as a jewelry tray where you can place rings, earrings and watches you wear every day for easy access.


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